All Hands On Deck!

Gaining insight from how others have lived out their FIFO journey. The fails, the wins, how to overcome challenges that come along with the FIFO lifestyle. Here is WHY this is important, give a listen to what Mike shares.


Online Courses are available at no cost.

Building out relevant content that will equip you in all areas of FIFO life. Navigating relationships, transitions to and from work, enhancing your workload performance, ensuring job/life security, learning and unlearning habits with money to finish well, supporting self and others through addictions, and how to recognize the signs of darkness to bring the light.

A great initiative in our very own YYC is Community Now Magazine, they are an organization that brings people together.

“Engage, Inspire, Educate Together”, be sure to check it out! Its mission is to inspire people to create stronger, innovative, diverse communities together through education and engagement.

This is just the beginning of this dream of ours, we hope to launch a conference bringing you leading experts and stories to the main stage to inspire, empower, and equip you to thrive in the FIFO lifestyle.


Getting you connected is key to your success. We were never called to do life alone. So let’s journey together and build a safe culture of belonging.

We are supporting you with men’s groups, FIFO wives groups, book clubs, and building out podcasts to share the journey of other FIFO workers.

We bring you influential people who make a difference in our surrounding communities. Be sure to get in touch with them as they provide invaluable services.

A Lumina Learning Certified Coach, she is a transformation agent whose emphasis is on inclusivity, relationships, performance, integrity, accountability, and collaboration bringing exponential growth acceleration your way.


You need a team of professionals to help you navigate living life well.

These could be therapists, life coaches, money coaches, psychologists, lawyers, tax specialists, but not limited.

We will do our best to get you in touch with the help that you need.

Giving you a manual of things to think about to ensure success on your terms.

Be Alert and at Work – Offers great support, resources, courses, podcasts, around leading-edge research that helps shift workers learn how to sleep better and manage fatigue.